John Lennon “The Walrus”

Bronze 1980

Only one of the 1980 edition was made in bronze. Some were made in plaster by me, which would have had thin wire glasses and would have been numbered on the back. Most of the ones on the internet were made by ESCO. [ and would have thick plastic glasses]


Beatles-fest 1981 Peoples Choice First Prize

John Lennon  1980  Bronze   Edition of one

John Lennon 1980 Bronze Edition of one

Bob Marley “The Rasta Man”

Bronze 2019

Edition of 3


“ A Sacred Man” Is Everything Crystals?

Bronze 2017

Portrait, model   Yokoo San


National Sculpture Society 85th Exhibition

Margaret Hexter Prize for creative sculpture in the round

A Sacred Man


Bronze 1978


National Sculpture Society Annual Exhibition 1979 Memorial Prize Portrait Sculpture


National Academy of Design 153 Annual Exhibition